Call for Presentations

The 2020 Great Lakes Technology Showcase is going virtual this year. There will still be lots of opportunities for attendees to learn from the vendor community and hear about the latest products and services. While planning is still underway, this year will include a week long session of 90 minutes per day. This will include two 30-minute feature presentations each day. The presentations will be broken up by virtual "booth" time for everyone to experience.

This Call for Presentations is from the GLTS Committee, made up of exhibitors and telecommunications experts. All presentation proposals must be submitted by email no later than August 20, 2020.

**The GLTS committee requires that all presentations must be no longer than 30 minutes in length, be able to provide on a zoom platform and be educational, not sales oriented, jargon free, and have a timely topic. All proposals submitted by August 20 and containing the required information will be considered for inclusion in the GLTS program at the upcoming meeting of the committee. Submission of a proposal, however, does not guarantee a spot on the program.

Your submitted proposal must include:

1. Title of Presenation/Topic

2. Speaker (if known)

3. Summary/Outline of Presentation

4. Target Audience

Your proposal mus be submitted no later than August 20 to be considered for inclusion in the 2020 program. Please email proposals to Cheryl Burchard at Hypervenom Phantom

Event contacts:

Ohio – Cheryl Burchard ( or 614-221-3231)
Indiana – Brooke Fair ( or 317-635-1272)
Michigan – Kelle M. DuBay ( or 517-482-4167)